Thursday, April 30, 2009

First review of The Perfect Age of Rock N' Roll posted....

....and it's quite favorable:

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What an insane Saturday night....even what I missed was awesome....

I'm gonna start by saying thank you to everyone who made the second headlining Dirty Pearls show at the Bowery a SOLD OUT success. That means, thanks to each and every member of that beautiful crowd...I mean, Don Henley once sang, "I thought I knew what love was...what did I know?" Ahahahahaha.....

.....and THANKS to everyone who helped us promote the show, via interviewing us, by telling your friends about us, reposting our self- promo posts, or what-have-you. Every little bit helps, and means a whole hell of a lot to us.

I think above all, I have to thank our crew that night....of course there's Dave, our manager....and Jeff, Nate, Tommy, Joey, Mystie, Lauren, Jamie, and of course, the "Pearlettes", Jennifer and Alex.....the impact of that show wouldn't have been as massive had it not been for your help, nor would it have gone nearly as smoothly.....I hope I didn't miss anyone....hahahahaha....

It was really glorious up there for me, and for the rest of the band too.....I will admit, I was a little nervous beforehand, which is rare for me. As soon as I stepped on that stage, those nerves just melted away....I think it was the sound of the audience beginning to scream that cut through my nerves like a hot knife through frozen butter....THANKS again.

I think it might have been the best show I ever played, all in all.

We're just waiting for the results to come in from this show, and it might take a week or two....the last time, we got opening gigs with Twisted Sister, the New York Dolls, then Bret I'm excited to see what might happen this time. I'll keep you posted.

On another note, The Perfect Age of Rock N' Roll (the movie in which I am part of the principal cast) world premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival, also this past Saturday night....I hear from my boy Jasin that it was standing room only, for a capacity crowd of 300 people, who evidently loved it....I hear that people were fighting over the last few admissions....these are all very good signs, and inspire confidence that there might be a nation and/or worldwide release coming soon. Anyway, thanks to everyone I worked with on the film...I love you all...and to anyone who might have caught the premiere....I hope I looked ok, ahahahahaha....

Above all, I just want to thank all of my friends & family for supporting me, thick and thin, drunk and sober.....insane and more mean the world to's all going to happen, and I'm taking you all with me.....

Marty E.

A very in-depth interview w/ Crusher Magazine...

Thanks Christine, for the great questions and great times!

Review of The Dirty Pearls at the Bowery Ballroom

Thanks, Guys!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The best way to not get jaded, bitter, and old is to learn how to get over it and move on....

I meet a lot of people in my travels. I cross many paths. A lot of water has passed underneath the bridge that my life is, and plenty of shit goes down. I know I'm not unique in that, especially in this town. Everyone I know is probably living some kind of perpetual mini series.

I'm more into comedy than drama....I don't mind WATCHING drama, but I'd rather live a comedy...which is not to say that I want life to be a joke or that I don't take it seriously....quite the contrary.

Nobody's perfect, but time and again, I see people who do nothing but complain, complain, complain.....and bellyache about this and that which happened in the past. They hold grudges, dwell on ancient history, and consequently hold bitterness in their hearts. And what good does THAT do? It ages a person, and makes them unattractive to others. People can see your true colors pretty quickly, I think....just ask them.

I learned very early in life that when life throws shit at you like some rhesus fucking monkey, or knocks you down like steamroller, the best thing to do is wipe yourself off, feel the pain for a *little* while, then face forward and do your best to learn a lesson, move the fuck on, and GET THE FUCK OVER IT. How did I learn this? Let's just say I lost a lot of significant family members before age 12, ok? But the rest of my family and I didn't waste our lives sitting around and moping and crying about it. We turned chicken shit into chicken salad and made the best of it! It's not being callous or cold (two things that I am definitely not), it's simply facing reality but not letting it kill who you are.

We all have our stories about why our lives are fucked up in one way or another....nobody wants to hear you complain. People want to be inspired and forget about the shitfalls of their own, even if for a few moments. To me, that's what Rock N' Roll is about in a lot of ways, and is one of the more poignant reasons why I do and believe in what I do.

And so far it's going pretty well, because I couldn't be bothered with any reasons why it WOULDN'T! I mean, the whole world is stacked against most everybody.....that's a given. Why dwell on the fucking negative? Forget about that shit....and I refuse to travel in negative company....can you dig it? Too many people justify their own failures and problems with all these reasons why they can't do something, how it's all someone fucking else's fault, and pretty much just bitch, bitch bitch their lives away. They take no responsibility for anything, even their own actions.

Not me!

That all being said, we all have problems and disagreements. That's just life. But coming to a resolution is awfully important. Some people are actually taken aback by how forgiving I can be.....and how quickly I'll apologize when it's proper for me to do so. I'm not saying I'm righteous or that I'm even close to always being right. What I am saying is that if there are problems, and there often are, the best thing to do is to atone in whatever way you can and move the fuck on. The longer you let shit fester, the more lines will appear on your face. People, at least the sharp ones, can smell bitterness from miles away, and most of them don't like it. You don't have to be friends with EVERYBODY....but not eveybody is ENEMIES with everyone you don't like, you know? And gratuitous shit-talking is only going to reflect badly on you. Again, I see it happening again and again.

You'd be amazed at how good it feels, if you have a chance, to let the shit that ails you go. It's like concrete blocks have been lifted off your shoulders and replaced by wings. Chances are that the shit that's keeping you down is doing so because you enable it to. That makes you your own worst enemy....and who has time for that shit? Life is, indeed, too fucking short - and remember, it's YOUR life! Take heed and take care.....and while everyone else is bellyaching, shit-talking, and pussyfooting around, you'll be laughing, kicking ass, and having fun. I know which sounds better to me! How about you?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Marty E From the Dirty Pearls Part 2

Repost from my Myspace blog from this past November: I just saw the movie I’m in...or, what the hell am I doing up there?

I was going through my Myspace blog to see what might be worth reposting, this will be my first installment of reposts that are still relevant today....

Friday, November 14, 2008

So, after the debacle in Hollywood, I flew be greeted by a low-key screening of the movie I "acted" in this past's called The Perfect Age of Rock N' Roll, and stars Kevin Zegers, Jason Ritter, Taryn Manning, Peter Fonda, Lucas Haas, Jason Cadic....and ME!

Here's a little background info:

I'll tell you something: it's quite a trip to see yourself up on the big screen, when you've never been in that position before. It's almost as if you feel like you're someone else....which I suppose, if you're acting, you ARE. But I'm not used to it....

...that being said, it really is fucking cool, for me at least. I say this mostly because I think this movie is's true to life, and very, very Rock N' Roll....hell, I'm playing a rambunctious drummer in much more true to life can you get than that?

One thing I thought about though, last night, while I was slamming light beer and watching this thing, was where I was and what I was thinking when the individual scenes were filmed. It conjured up many ghosts what had happened to me that day (and a lot of whacked out shit happened over the Summer), whom I woke up next to (don't even ask, Smartass), new friends I'd made, what kinds of crazy hijinks some of us were up to on the set, the crazy parties we had in hotel parking lots, etc. It was a strange sort of visual emotional roller coaster, as if it was going on inside my mind, except it was up there on the screen!!! I can tell you that I spent most of the film laughing my ass off.....because, not only is a lot of it funny, but I really had fun being a part of it.....I really had no responsibilities to speak of, save for showing the fuck up, and being myself...which basically gave me a license to Rock out, and have fun!

Yeah, that's tough shit, isn't it?

Today, we put some finishing touches on it....I did my voiceovers and all that shit, because there were some sound issues....but it looks like it'll be completely finished before Christmas. It has been submitted in some form to the Sundance Film Festival, and....if it gets in, that's where it will debut....and I'll do my damnedest to be there for it!

Anyway, being part of this film and the entire process was very special to me, just like making music with my band....let's just call it a very close second, or the next best thing. But, as with anything you do that's creative and expressive, the best part is often taking a look at what you've done when it starts coming to fruition....that's got to be the most rewarding thing I can think of really....especially when you're close to the other people who are's like getting hot and bothered with that sweet angel girl you didn't even know existed a week ago and now you're staring at her ceiling with a cigarette in your mouth wondering how the fuck you got there, ahahahahahaha. (wait a second...what did I say the next best thing was again? Ah, never mind)'s a fucking beautiful thing...and a feeling that's too rare...and irreplaceable!

Anyway, I can't wait for you all to see this's something I think everyone involved is really proud of, and I think everyone will dig it.

Take care,

Marty E.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is everybody going batshit crazy, or what?

What a day. I think maybe this entry will wind up being the most faithful to this blog's title, hahahahaha....

Between having a strange, wonderful, and unexpectedly great couple couple of nights...that seemed to me to be written in the stars....and on the other side, all of the varieties pitfalls that (more than 5 of) my friends have been having in their interaction with the world....and certain people giving me less than merciful character assassinations - one after another - while I try to help sort everything out for everyone....this has been a strange fucking day.

Is it the Spring-denying NYC Weather? Are certain people not getting laid? Is there some kind of poison infiltrating the air? I can't figure it out.

What I can tell you is that, while I am by NO MEANS anyone's boyscout, I CAN say that I make every effort to be, generally, an honest, sensitive, and thoughtful dude. Do I fuck up? Sure! Does my behavior at times deserve to be filed under "Questionable"? Absolutely, I'm sure. But hurting anyone is, and never will be, on my agenda. I'm all about inspiration, fun, and getting the most out of life.

Now, that all being said, sometimes I think that people paint an image of you as a person, that isn't altogether accurate. Consequently, when they are disappointed that you don't live up to that image, or their definition of who you are, especially in relation to them, they get hostile. It's something I don't particularly understand, but when you haven't lied to such people, or misled them into believing that you are a certain way (if anything, you've told them the OPPOSITE) then the only people they are fooling are themselves. Consequently, they are, in effect, using you as a vehicle to hurt/sabotage themselves as well. And all you're doing is waking up and wondering what the fuck this person is so angry at you about.

I mean, just because I can't be what someone expects me to be all the time, for whatever reason, doesn't mean I don't care about that person. And I don't think I pressure anyone, ever, to be something they are not. So, why would anyone else want to do that to me? It's as silly as it is selfish. And what's funny is, when someone is acting up on you in a situation like this, they often use favors that you've done for them as ammo to use against you. It's like that old adage, "No good deed goes unpunished." Well....again, you're welcome.

The best part? The reason people have for ripping you a new one these situations is often the result of hearsay, rumor, shit talking, and the like. And jumping down someone's throat, assuming the worst about them, and believing every single word said out in "drunkland" is wrong....and most people know that....or at least most of my friends (which is a pretty fucking big list, I think, and I love each and every one of you) know that, which is WHY they're my friends.

And if you expect someone to treat you with enough respect not to jump to conclusions (which, as humans, we all do from time to time), maybe you should do the same for them, right? It's not an unreasonable assumption. (There's also the issue of, whose BUSINESS is it WHAT you do?).

If someone automatically assumes the worst about you whenever there's some kind of a discrepancy, then perhaps that person was never your friend in the first place.

Which brings me to a final set of thoughts....perhaps it's shit like this that's sort of life's way of "weeding out the weaklings" from your life. And if it happens that way, you can rest assured that the choices you made were the best ones for you, don't you think?

You're probably wondering what the fuck I'm talking about....but I'm not telling....

Tomorrow is another day....let's make it a brighter, warmer one, ok?

Take care,

Marty E.