Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Open Letter to New York's Music Press


I wrote a letter today, in reaction to an ARTICLE I read in New York Magazine.

I don't really think it's going to make much impact, but I had something I needed to get off my chest.

What do you think?

If you have an opinion one way or another, I encourage you to write to and let them know, just like I did.


Here it is:

To Whom It May (or may not) Concern,

I noticed your cover story about Brooklyn's music scene. Sure, it's in-depth article, but it is extremely one-dimensional....which is something that the music scene in NYC is definitely not.

I think your coverage of what you call the "New York Rock Scene", as you call it, is limited at best, to Indie Rock, and the like.

I have nothing against that genre of music, and know that there's a lot of talent there.

That said, there is more to life than just one thing. Variety, as they say is the spice of life....and really, that's what life in the city is all about, for my money (or lack thereof).

There are lots of great bands in NYC (whether it be Manhattan or Brooklyn), playing classic American Rock N' Roll, Hard Rock, Metal, Punk, and various fusions thereof, that are thriving in NYC right now, and have for years. These bands are fresh, enthusiastic, work hard, and are very inspired and talented. Some of them also have large followings and sell out a lot of shows in and out of the city. And they don't make any more money than the bands you cover, and are taking just as many "risks" for their craft and the love of their music. Trust me...I know.

For some reason, most of the press in this town has chosen to all but ignore them.

Music in whatever form, is supposed to be about inspiration and expression. Trends come and go, and sometimes happen synonymously. This year's "old hat" is next year's "next big thing." You, as critics, I think, owe it to yourselves, and to your readers, to be a little bit more open-minded to what's going on with music in this great city of ours.

Try something different, and maybe check out a Rock N' Roll show at Trash Bar (a great Brooklyn Rock N' Roll venue that's been around for years, and deserves mentioning in any article about music in Brooklyn) sometime, or countless venues in Manhattan. I think you'll be glad you did.

If you need recommendations, I'd be more than happy to oblige you.

Thanks for your time,

Marty E.
The Dirty Pearls

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Musing on the movie madness or when I saw my head on the big screen, I agreed that THAT was about the size of it....

So, The Perfect Age of Rock N Roll finally had it's New York City premier the other night (Tuesday, October 20th) on the opening night of the CMJ Festival. After a year and a half of spouting off about it to anyone who would listen, I finally was able to put my damn money where my mouth was and invite my friends to come and see the finished work.

Now I know what you're're thinking that Mr. Marty Egomaniac just wants something more to spout off about in the bar....right? Well....that may be true, but there's something much more important than that involved here.

When you've worked with something so intensely and become so close to it and the other people who were involved in creating see it come to some kind of fruition is extremely gratifying and fulfilling....and that's something that you feel smack dab in the deepest pit of your heart. I guess that's what made this experience a lot like unleashing new songs on an adoring audience with your band.

Anyway, back to Tuesday night....I went over to the Trailer Park bar across the street from the Theater about a half an hour before the scheduled show time to have a beer or two. Were those butterflies in my stomach? What...are....these...."nerves"? Yup....guilty as charged. The bartender there was a real prick, but I guess it's his job to check ID's.... more on that later...

I had friends rolling in here and there to pregame with me, which calmed my nerves a little bit....but not much....after I basically slammed a Budweiser, I went across to street and stood outside, waiting for a friend who was to accompany me. Thanks to Mr. Obama's speech at the Hammerstein just 10 blocks North if the Theater, traffic was thick (DAMN it, I should have invited him, ahahahaha....) that took awhile. No matter, I had a LOT of friends to say hello to as they showed up (and once again, THANKS everybody!)....

Anyway, we went in right as the movie started rolling....perfect....the place was fucking PACKED....but the first two rows were empty. That's fine with me, I like sitting in the front....I can hear better, you I like having that huge screen in my face. (I was the type as a kid, way back when, who sat WAY too close to the tv). SHOWTIME!

In one of the first scenes (if not the opening scene), Jason Ritter's character directs a classroom of children through a rousing rendition of "Hot Cross Buns" on these plastic's absolutely hilarious, and one of my favorite parts of the film.

But, at the risk of sounding crass....the first time I appeared in the film, a bunch of my friends cheered....(again, THANK YOU).....I didn't know whether to laugh or cry...but I figured I'd call it even and just grin from ear to ear.....

Really, what makes the film for me is the "live" performance footage....I mean, you really get into the Rock N' Roll spirit (which, really, is what the movie is all about, from what I get out of it) can feel this electricity watching it in the theater (and kudos to Tom Richmond, who's one hell of a camera man) made me want to jump out of my seat.

During one of these scenes, I heard what sounded like some kind of a scuffle going on near the back if the Theater.....I thought that was funny....and I found out later that it was my compadre' in the Dirty Pearls, Mr. Johnny B, telling some drunken assholes to shut the fuck up and stop kicking his chair....hahahahaha....great stuff!

Other than that, I don't want to give too much away about the movie, because I'm hoping, if you haven't seen it, you will get the chance to sooner than later.....

So afterward, my director/producer Scott was kind enough to wave me up to the front for the Q&A with him, Joe White, Jason Ritter, and Jasin Cadic, which really meant a lot to me. As my friend Gabe told me later, I was grinning like the Kool Aid Man ("OOOHHH YEEEEAH!"). It was strange being on front of that many eyes, but not being behind drums with my Homeboys in the Dirty Pearls....I mean sure, I sing with the Brian in the Lonesome Fools every now and then, but....this was different...I mean it was exhilarating, but I felt like I wasn't wearing pants at first, ahahahaha....but I got accustomed to it.

The dipshit whose ass Johnny B almost kicked in asked a stupid and inappropriate question, but Mr Ritter handled it like the Gentleman that he is. That was cool. At some point, I made some joke about having done character research for the role for, like 20 years, ahahahahaha!!! But the coolest thing, again, about it, was just....being able to experience being a part of the presentation of this THING we all made together....and it's still happening. If you ever get a chance to experience something like this, I highly recommend it. But there's not a day that goes by that I take something like this for granted, and I'm truly humbled, in many ways, that such an opportunity came my way. I'm extremely fortunate.

Afterward, I went back to the Trailer Park bar to have some shots with a few of my friends....and the same bartender was there, and was even more of a prick than he had been earlier...he gave us hell about ID's and credit cards, and whatnot, and generally, ran serious risk of ruining some great vibes if we stuck around there (how this guy makes a living on tips is beyond me, and you can tell him I said that). With that, my friends (and the CAKE that one of them made with the movie's logo on it) (wink wink) and I got the holy hell out of there.....

....and we jumped in a cab and went to the AFTERPARTY at Norwood. I did some press pictures with my aforementioned homeboys from the film (and the aforementioned cake). I love that shit.

Then, I proceeded to get BOMBED out of my BRAIN on Gin (Bulldog, I believe) and Lemonade for the rest of the night.....this is when the details get kind of fuzzy...not that I'd TELL you anyway, hahahahaha....although I heard that I missed meeting Actress/Rock N' Roll UberBabe Gina Gershon somehow....perhaps another time!

Anyway, to sum it up, it was one of the best nights of my whole life....and I have some great fucking nights, to say the least. I can't thank everyone who worked on the film with me enough......or all my friends who came to support and celebrate it's New York City premiere with was indeed a night that I'll never forget.....

....well....most of it, anyway, hahahahaha.....

Marty E.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Humourously crazy people that have crossed my path, or whacked out ghosts of blogs past, or just a few of life's special moments

Hey....while I've been out yackety-yacking on the town, I've been compelled for one reason of another to bring these stories I thought I'd share them, the way I wrote them on my old Myspace (remember that phenomenon?) blog....enjoy.....

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Current mood: amused
Category: Life
Just a few minutes ago, I was walking through Madison Square Park....not the least bit bothered by the rain....when I heard this voice bellowing something indecipherable on the other side of the park....

"Now just what the HELL is THIS, now?!", I thought, as I guzzled my Dr. Pepper like it was a bottle of Jack.

As I got closer to the other side of the park, I see what appears to be some homeless dude on a bench. It became apparent that, in his mind at least, he was putting on a little concert. I say this because he was talking at this point, as if to an audience (of which, incidentally, there were no members), between songs.

And what I heard him say still has me laughing my ass off.

He said, "Thank you VERY much ladies and gentleman....and my next number is a special song originally sung by Laura Branigan....."

OK? And I thought to myself, "No....NO....Dude...PLEASE tell me you're NOT GOING TO!!!"

But yes he did....he proceeded to do a gloriously off-key version Laura Branigan's song "GLORIA" at the top of his lungs....I still can't stop laughing......but maybe you had to be there....

I thought of uttering some cliche', like "Don't quit your day job"....until it occurred to me that this is probably it.....hahahahaha.....

Marty E.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Current mood: confident
Category: Life, I stepped out for some junk food (sometimes a dude wants some Chicken fucking McNuggets, ok?)....

...and this dude...who looked like a cross between Albert Einstein, Col. Sanders, and (what I imagine, the looks of) the King of France character in Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn starts yelling,"EXCUSE ME....SIR...YOUNG MAN....YOU....EXCUSE ME...THE YOUNG MAN WITH THE HAT!!!!"

So, after ignoring him for a few seconds, I turned around and said, "WHAT do you WANT, (Man!)?!"

And he says, "Do you mind if I take your picture?"

"Nah, I don't mind," I replied.

And he said, "OK, let me see your profile?"

Slightly annoyed, but figuring 'What the Hell', I turned to my left. He took a closer look at me....

....and then he said, "," and he walked the other way.

I hollered after him, "Look,'re the one who asked, ahahahahahahaha!!!"

I love this town.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Current mood: confused
Category: Life
So....after "another one of those nights", I was dropping off a couple of friends of mine on my way home in a cab. I got out of the cab to let them out on the curb side. When I did, two or three guys on the sidewalk held up cameras and started taking pictures of me, and looking as jovial as all hell!

Um....what the fuck?

This sort of thing has happened to a couple of girls that I've known, but....never to me!

I can't help but wonder....just who the hell did these crankshifters think I was?

You get my point.....and here's to many more "special moments"!


Marty E.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

You can & should never go back, but a song will sometimes take you there anyway, just for a moment....

No matter where you live, anywhere on this Earth, one's most immediate certainty is the passage of time. I know, it's not a profound notion in the least...yet it's something a lot of us don't take notice of....which perhaps is a sort of passive way of denying it.

But every once in awhile....the simplest, most random thing can just make your mind explode, and the force of which can act as a sort of virtual time machine. Maybe it's the smell of fresh muffins wafting out from the open door of a bakery on 1st Ave & 11th St....or the perfume of a random, beautiful stranger sitting across from you on the train. Maybe it's the soft sound sound of an owl "CooHoo"ing behind every building on your block when you wake up....or maybe it's just the way that random good Samaritan of the moment on Nowhere Street sympathetically looks you in the eye and asks if you're ok when you're sitting alone on a bench, feeling momentarily hopeless when you're just having a bad night. (Yeah, you're that someone asked....right? Hahahahaha!!! And Thank YOU!)

For me, what takes me back most often, a song (and, truth me told, I've sold my soul for a song many times, hahaha...and resold!) that I once listened to over and over again....that I haven't heard in a long time. Sometimes it's not so meaningful....sometimes it's completely mundane....and sometimes it's just fucking hilarious.

But last night, it was a song that just hits me like a concrete block dropping 20 stories, crushing my admittedly thick skull. It's a song that immediately, without warning (or, perhaps, any indication to those around me) transported me back to a different time and place. It took me on a First Class trip back many years (and many, MANY beers), to a time when I was incredibly young, naive, stupid, ultra sensitive, directionless, irreverent, drunk, and painfully in love....and didn't care about anything else. Yeah, THAT song...a song (and it's not the only one) that defines that period of my life when everything revolved around a feeling in my heart and the look in her eyes...when the entire world could have boiled in oil and all of its inhabitants with it as long as her arms were around me. Yeah, no's a DAMN good song...and an awfully consuming feeling that it exemplifies for me.

But the thing about it is, when I think about it for a moment with some clarity and perspective....hearing a song like this also reminds me of some really important and poignant things. The first is that, nothing lasts least in terms of situations. I mean, sure, feelings can certainly last forever, no matter how far under the rug you try to sweep them....but life changes, one way or another....and people simply move on. And when that (usually inevitably) happens, it's usually a good thing for both parties involved. That said, I think that, at the end of the day, a big chunk of what a person's legacy in this world consists of is the memories that you leave with those you have been closest to. And hell, nobody's fucking perfect, but....if, when they tally them up, you left them with more joyful memories than painful ones....well, that reflects on your heart and your soul....I always hope I'm on the right side of the column.....

Even if you never see someone again that you've loved so intensely and insanely that it, at times, has made you sick....if, after the smoke has cleared, you've come out of that situation a better person in some way, than it was all worth it, wasn't it? And when something brings you back like this, you feel as if as if you couldn't possibly imagine your life without the experiences & adventures, both ecstatically blissful and excruciatingly painful, that you shared with this person. It was just something that was meant to be at that time. It isn't a feeling of looking back or wanting to go back, but more a matter of seeing it from a different angle...and it can be sad, even if you aren't a nostalgic type (and as much as I think about the past, nostalgic, I'm not). If you lament something that's gone, to the point where it brings tears to your eyes, and a storm to your heart.....than there must have been something pretty fucking good about it, right? One can only hope! is crazy....

But, you know...we roll with the our best....and when push comes to shove, with any luck, we learn, we move on, and hope to do better next time. Sure, life is never going to be the same...tomorrow is never going to be the same as yesterday....and thank GOD!

For me, though....sometimes it's the thoughts of many yesterdays ago....that reassure me that, despite all the bullshit, I still haven't turned into a jaded, cold, & heartless fuck yet, and I sure hope that I never do. And I hope the same for you. We never know what's going to happen next week, who will cross our paths, and what great things are waiting for us.

We can only hope the be prepared.

Thanks for reading!

Marty E.

PS-Thanks to Lenny Kaye for playing this song at Otto's last night! I just thought that was worth mentioning for some reason, hahahaha.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My letter(s) home on 9/12/01 w/ follow-ups or a lesson to be learned is to not take anything for granted, least of all your own sanity!

Everyone's talking about the 5th anniversary of 9/11.You hear all kinds of bullshit from the pundits and our so-called President Bush about whether we are "safe" or "safer", as if anything any of them says means a goddamn thing.So, here's what I wrote to my friends and family around the country (including many of you reading this now) in the immediate wake of the 9/11 attack on New York City. There's no influence from pundits, journalists, or politicians; just a no-BS assessment of what was going on through the eyes and ears of a young NYC Rock N' Roller living dangerously close to the front line. As I was writing this at the time, I had no idea how 9/11 would be expoited and used in vain,i.e., gratuitous wars, conspiracies both true and untrue, and convenient scams of every type (especially the Patriot Act and other erosions of our civil rights). All I knew was I'd never felt so awful in my life. One interesting tidbit was that Slayer's God Hates Us All album came out that very day...and interestingly, it was the only album I could listen to for a couple of weeks. I was so numb, it was the only music that made me feel anything...and the only one that seemed to make any sense. And if I sound like I come across as a complete batshit crackerjack in these emails, it's only because I was fucking terrified....but that's probably understood. Enough of my ranting.



Hello everyone.I am alive and well, at least physically. Inside, I've been on the verge of losing my mind since I woke up yesterday. I mean, how is a person supposed to react when there are flying bombs going off, destroying a landmark that you are accustomed to seeing daily, like a close friend, just a mile or two from the place you call home?!!!

For me...I feel my eyes welling up with bitter, angry tears sometimes...other times, I maintain my sense of humor...still others, I feel worried....and others, I feel (still) that nothing can stop me. There's a conflict.There's also a conflict of just WHY I feel this way....from the fact that probably tens of thousands of people are lying in the rubble dowtown, to more selfish reasons, such as not being able to work, play my music, and essentially, live my life. But, that shouldn't be too damn much to ask....For the second day in a row, I have an involuntary day off, so I decided to go down to my beloved East Village and get myself a coffee and maybe some sushi and try to regroup. Well, I got my coffee and ate my sushi, but there is some kind of faint haze in the air from 14th Street on down...consisting of dust and smoke, and what's rumored to be asbestos. I decided to get the hell out of there.

The streets from 14th Street on down are blocked off for automobiles....and everything south of Canal St. is evacuated.The streets are surprisingly calm...there are people about, but there is this uncertain, morose calm over most people that I see. Near Times Square yesterday, there was some two-bit sidewalk preacher telling us that the "Lord is coming."I felt the anger rising, and wanted to tell him that I felt that the "Lord" must have taken the day off, but I maintained my cool.I don't know what's going to happen, just as nobody does. I wonder if I have any friends who might've been in the WTC yesterday.

A couple of months ago, when my financial situation was at rock bottom, I took a job as a foot messenger, and made many deliveries, daily, to the financial district in lower Manhattan. To think that I might've gotten caught up in this if I hadn't gotten quickly sick of that utterly thankless job is a lot to fathom.The only thing I can tell you at this point, is that there isn't a lot that matters to me anymore, at least for the time being. All my mad passion and ambition for being a great musician, drummer, Rock N Roll star, and writer seems almost like a thing of the past. But, I think that's merely due to shock.But I didn't realize, at all, what a carefree life I've had for 20-odd years...until yesterday morning. Now I wonder if life will ever be the same. One thing that I've learned from all of this already is the bitter motivation that must have been prevalent amongst the American population during the first two World Wars. I've never lived in a war-torn era, but I'm deeply afraid that I'm about to. The Golf War, as I understood it at the time, was some rinky-dink little battle over control of oil. REAL. I wouldn't mind kicking some Bin Laden ass, myself, after what he seems to have done! The front line is just a few miles down the road. And, I'm "Man" enough to admit that I'm scared. Do you remember when some kind of biological weapons were released in a Tokyo subway a couple of years ago? Well, I ride the subway every day...and so do millions of other people wearing the same worried face as myself.

But, the bottom line is, I guess I can't let this ruin my life if I can possibly avoid it. I still love this city and belong here...and probably feel that way even moreso since this shite has hit the fan. And I believe that someone up there, somewhere, despite my faults, is looking out for me.I deeply appreciate all of the calls and emails that I've gotten from everyone. Feel free to write anytime.


Now, we have some clowns calling in fake bomb threats. There was supposedly a bomb in the Empire State Building (4 blocks from my house) and consequently, they were evacuating Penn Station and routing all traffic off of 9th Avenue (which is where I live). It all turned out to be a hoax, and I was ready to hightail it out of my damn neighborhood. The sense of humor of some people leaves much to be desired.(later)Now there have been over 100 bomb scares in the Empire State Building (again), Grand Central, Port Authority, and seemingly countless office buildings where friends of mine work. These were all either hoaxes or false alarms. The villains, in some ways have already won; they have instilled a paranoia that will last for a long time. Speaking of work, my office is closed until Monday, but...I really doubt that business is going to be good any time soon. The whole city now smells like smoke, and many people who are about are wearing some kind of gas masks, which I think look ridiculous, which wouldn't matter if I thought that they did much good.You know, just a few days ago, everything was great, and I was on top of the world. Now...that's all disappeared. Many of the great people I know are talking about hoping that the US destroys entire countries, and I find myself agreeing with this...but, I don't want to be this kind of person. There's a loss of any remaining innocence, decency, and mercy, in a lot of ways, and there's not a hell of a lot anyone can do about it.

I mean, down at Union Square, there are a bunch of people singing the Lennon song, "Give Peace a Chance." That sounds great, but I don't think that can happen, here in the real world. I'm sorry, but there is no chance, and I'm as sick about it as the next guy. When the hopes and dreams of most everyone I know have gone down the proverbial shitter, I can't find myself singing along. I never thought in my whole life that I'd say such a thing, but Rock N Roll doesn't really mean a damn thing to me at this particular moment, and Lennon, if he were here today, might very well agree with me.

The latest information that I've heard is that there have been several people caught with fake flight licenses and weapons at both JFK and LaGuardia...apparently, another hijacking or two may have been thwarted. These assholes don't know when to quit, do they? Just when flights are about to resume, these barbaric imbeciles have to add further insult to injury.Well, I'm going to ponder this over a beer....If anyone would like to write, please feel free....

Your good friend...

Marty E

Thursday, August 6, 2009

How to meet girls the long, hard way, or what's this dirt on my eye? (Weird Tales From the City, Part 2)

This strange occurrence happened about 8 years ago....and many, MANY beers,'s 100% true, as far as I can recollect....some (not many) of you might remember this when it happened.

I'd been in NYC for less than a, I almost had my "sea legs", ie, I had a band, my personal style had adapted to my surroundings, and had made my way around the block a few times. Things were pretty cool. But I didn't have it all figured out by any means (and I still don't, for that matter). But I did learn a valuable lesson...

I had been out on one of those legendary late nights that I talk about all the was a Friday night, and I'd been to a friend's dinner party....let's just say I'd had MANY martinis of some kind. This had been on the Upper West Side....and I believe I had joined some other friends of mine for beers afterward, at the now-closed Bellevue Bar (which I'd since been banned from for practically nothing, but that's not nearly as good a story) and had more than a few beers. But at around 2 AM or so, my friends had left, and I was left drunk and alone. This wasn't altogether out of the ordinary (and still isn't), but....let's just say I was *very* intoxicated, and should have really just gone home at this point (I lived right down the street).

But NO, of course, I HAD to stay OUT, and have MORE FUN, right? So I went up the street to Rudy's to have a few more beers.

The events that followed were lost in a fog....

I woke the next morning, aching like a clubbed seal! Again, not too out of the ordinary. I got up, walked down the hallway to the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and thought to myself, "What's with this mud on my eyebrow?!"

It wasn't was black and blue....clearly, I'd been clocked! It wasn't TOO bad....but...I was concerned, to say the very least!

I also had a bunch of voicemails on my phone from worried friends back home whom I'd apparently drunk-dialed during the night....damn....

Amidst the haze in my brain, the last thing I remember was....(holy shit)....falling through the doorway, and a little blonde girl tumbling down with me.

I spent that entire day wondering what the fuck I went back to Rudy's to ask them what went down. All they could tell me was that I'd pissed someone off, and they punched me out the door.....and that was about it.


I was at LIT's opening party.....which had an HR Geiger exhibit in the back. It was GREAT fun for an early Saturday evening. I was to guest DJ at Georgie Seville and DJ Chrissy's Glam 2000 party at Nouvelle Justine (now closed) later that, this was a nice pre-party for me.

So, I was in the gallery, checking out the art, with a glass of Merlot in one hand....and a glass of Merlot in the other....checking out the art that adorned the wall, cluelessly fascinated, as I like to be while admiring something intensely cool that I know nothing about. I was taking a sip from the glass in my left hand, when a little voice to my right said, "Well....HI! How are YOU?!"

I looked over, and there was a cute little blonde girl smiling at me. What luck! I answered, "Pretty DAMN are YOU?!" Hahahahahaha....right?

She answered, "You don't REMEMBER me, DO you?"

I replied, "I'll be honest....I really don't....but please, refresh my memory...I'm ALL EARS!"

She said, "You got into a scuffle over me some months back....."


So, she and her also-cute friend (whom I still talk to-to this day-she knows who she is) and I sat down and they told me what had happened.

Apparently, I was at the jukebox at Rudy's, gloriously drunk, and put a Doors song on...I think it might have been "Touch Me" ...and I sauntered up to this table where these two girls were sitting, and started serenading them along with the song, all Top Gun style...except I used my Budweiser bottle as a microphone, and....I sang a lot better (I hope)....I was paying particular attention to the blonde....

....what I wasn't paying attention to was the dudes they were sitting with, who alledgedly played in some Brooklyn Hardcore band whose name I won't mention here. I guess they weren't WITH these guys, per se....but these dudes had designs on them, and they were none too pleased to have this black-haired pretty boy (me, at least at the time, hahahaha) closing in on their action. I guess it was getting close to bartime, and this girl and I were going out for a smoke or something....and we were heading toward to the door. As I opened the door, a big mug of beer bounced off the wall to my right. I was in the middle of turning around, and exclaiming, "What the FUCK," when the punch landed, and the girl (who apparently was trying to stop this guy) and I tumbled out the door onto the sidewalk.

Then I did the first smart thing I'd done all night, and hauled ass down the street back to my apartment.

So that was that.

Oh, and after the party at Lit, I dated the little blonde girl for over a month.

She doesn't live in NYC anymore, but we write occasionally. She's a nice girl. Her friend (now my friend too, hahaha) I see around the city here and there....she's also a nice girl.

The moral of the story?

While this might have (eventually) been an effective means of making's always better not to black out alone.

Thanks for reading!

Your good friend,

Marty E.

Yes, My Brother Kicks Ass.....or, It Pains Me That He's Still More Famous Than I Am....Hahahahaha....

....even if they STILL can't pronounce our name correctly!

Nice one, Gordy....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

You Should Have Never Opened That Door or This Might Have Been The Guy Everyone's Parents Warned Us About (Wierd Tales from the City, Part 1)

When I moved to New York City, over 9 years ago, it was even harder to find a place to live than it is now....hell, I'd say it was a *lot* harder, now that I think about it. There was no Craig's List, to speak of (I think maybe it was just starting at that point) for one to find ads in, nor was there Facebook/Twitter/Myspace, etc, to help get the word across. There was the Village Voice (the PRINT version), but anything listed in there was almost always GONE by the time you even had a chance to read the ad. There were all kinds of "services" that would supposedly give you "lists" of available apartments if you'd give them, for, like, $200....but most of those were scams, and often, they were just reprints of the Voice ads. Fuckers.

There was one service that I used that *was* legit, the lady who worked there that helped me....wherever she is, God bless your heart, wherever you are....and to my good friend Alfredo, who had a very soft floor in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn for me to crash on for the time-being.

That being said, it was still quite the adventure calling all these people who were looking for roommates, figuring out whether or not they were worth pursuing, and inevitably hopping all over a sweltering New York City (which I didn't know my way around quite yet, but was learning) to look at these apartments and meet these people.

[Overwhelming? Welcome to my life....and maybe yours too, right?]

But I'm writing today to tell you about the best story I picked up while desperately seeking a feasible living space. Some of you who know me might have heard this one, but....this is the type of story that NEVER gets old, and one I will never forget.

So, I saw a listing for a room in a two-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, right by the corner of 83rd and Broadway, for about $700. So far, so good, right? So, I called this dude, who sounded sane and cool enough in the brief conversation I had with him on the phone. Furthermore, if I remember correctly, I believe I was the first caller, which inspired confidence. So I made an appointment to see meet this guy at his apartment that afternoon, around 3pm. Good shit!

So, I looked at my trusty Subway map and got my ass in gear and went over there....the apartment was on the 8th floor I think....the building at a doctor's office at street level....I got in the elevator, which lifted me to the 8th floor. The first thing I saw when the doors opened up was a "welcome" mat that said, "GET LOST!" I looked at my piece of paper, and was relieved that this was NOT the apartment I was to look at (but it was, indeed, good advice, as we're about to find out). I turned to my left and walked on down to the end of the hall, and knocked on the door.

The door opened up....and what I saw was a weird motherfucker in his mid-fifties....he sort of looked like a way-more-weathered Gary Busey. He was fat, had "gin blossons" on his nose, and had the three long hairs on his head pulled back in a pony tail. No shit. He sort of lunged at me, grabbed one of my shoulders, while "patting" the other one (pretty hard, mind you), sort of pulled me in and bellowed, "HI! HOW are YOUUU?!!!! You must me MARRRRRTY!!!!!" The guy seemed to be perpetually shouting...not in an angry way but....they guy was just too happy in his own skin, especially when it looked like that!

Anyway, we stepped into the living room, where there were two grand pianos, some sheet music strewn on the floor, and some college kid from Laos, who was all of 19-years-old at the very most, lying on a mat in the corner. "THIS IS ONE OF MY TENANTS," the guy said. I wondered how much he was charging this poor kid for a corner of the living room....but it occurred to me quickly that I'd rather not know what the arrangement was.

He led me to the room I was there to look at, which was fine....then we went through the door to the bathroom....then through another door to his room....all the while, he was constantly patting my shoulders....the thought of which still makes me queasy. I guess he wanted to discuss business in his room. Great. "HAVE A SEAT HERE....on the BED", he all but screamed. "Fuck that shit", I was thinking, while I practically jumped into the chair at his desk instead.

So he began telling me his story, with occasional interjections from me. "WELL....I'm an ACTOR and I TEACH PIANO LESSONS in the LIVING ROOM, there, which is why the PIANOS are IN THERE!!!! I go OUT from TIME to TIME, and DRINK and PLAY CARDS.....and I DATE MEN AND WOMEN...."

Which, is fine, but.....

Holy shit, this guy was just too much!!!! Do you remember the dude you were afraid was going to come and GET you when you were a little kid and couldn't sleep? Well, THIS was the GUY!

So, I mentioned that my former girlfriend from back home was to visit me for a week or so, and asked if he would have a problem with that. "NOOOOOO.....NOPE....I can't be HAVING THAT," he roared.

"OK, then," I said, "Um....really nice meeting you anyway!"


It wasn't over yet. Apparently he had to go downstairs for something, so....I had to do what no living organism ever wanted to do, and that was get in the elevator with this guy!

So, in the elevator, he asked me why I moved to New York, and I briefly explained to him that I was a drummer looking for a band.

Without as much as a split second's hesitation, he ROARED, "YEAH!!!! THAT WAY YOU CAN BE A ROCK STAR and FUCK 'EM AAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

[I couldn't do anything but laugh my ass off right along with him, if only because....I knew what he meant when he said, "ALL"!

The End.

Monday, June 22, 2009

One day in the life of a performer who always needs to be on or next time I wonder what it will be like if I just go out & get drunk the night before

Last Wednesday, I went to the studio w/ The Dirty Pearls to record a song which has become our anthem, "New York City is a Drug" with Daniel Rey producing.

The night before, I decided to stay clear of drinking/partying/trouble of any kind in an attempt to get a decent night's sleep for once. Well that was a fucking great idea. I had a Grolsch beer to stabilize my system, read from Bukowski's Women (an old favorite of mine that I've been revisiting lately), listened to some Gram Parsons....and tried to sleep. Well, that didn't work. I tossed and turned, as if my bed was a washing machine set to the goddamn "Spin" cycle. You know how that it is when you know that you need your rest, and the pressure thereof prevents you from getting that rest? That was me. So, I wound up getting two hours of it. I fell asleep around 8am...and Daniel called me up at 10:15 to tell me he was on his way to pick me up....well....I remember what Klaus Meine of the Scorpions once said, "Being a Rock N' Roller is a lot like being an have to perform no matter how you feel." Damn right!

So, I put my Thin Lizzy shirt on, grabbed my cymbals, and walked downstairs into the pissing rain, and got into Daniel's car. I told him immediately that I was going on two hours' sleep. He laughed and said, "Yeah, well, you can never sleep the night before a session...I got four hours' sleep myself!"

Yeah, I like this guy. So we drove over, talked about the Ramones, Circus of Power, and whatever the fuck else. Daniel had told me that he had called Tom (an awesome engineer, owner of Nuthouse Studios, and a stand-up dude) the night before w/ some specs re: mics and shit in order to cut down set-up time. Awesome.

I like working with a producer - at least one like Daniel, who understands the band's vision and how to achieve it....and creates an atmosphere that's comfortable for everyone to play their best. His authority in the studio goes without saying, but in such a way that allows the band to be itself and themselves. It was a great balance, and a great dynamic. It looked like a winning team between the 7 of us, and I knew I could do my part no matter how much sleep I'd had. Hell, I played a gig one time on less, w/ guys I was unfamiliar with, and it went down without a hitch...I could certainly kill it in the studio with the Pearls.

After spending some time with drum sounds and getting the drum to sound like the artillery needed to blast this song into Rock N' Roll oblivion (which, of course, takes awhile, but not nearly as long as I'm used to for this sort of thing)....Daniel told me to step out and grab a bite to eat and some coffee, because it was going to be time for me to go to work soon.

So I went to this diner down the street. They wouldn't serve breakfast items (it was "lunch time"....fuck....) I ordered something called "pretzyl bread", a french onion soup, a buttered roll for one of the guys, and a couple of coffees. Simple enough, right? Nope....I waited like a HALF HOUR for this crap. While I was waiting, the Rolling Stones song, "You Can't Always Get What You Want" came on the radio. While I sipped a coffee and sort of swayed my head along with it, some numbskull in a booth across from me said to the waiter, "Hey Man...who sings this song?"

I rubbed my temples and shook my head in my hands....

The WAY overpriced food/coffee items, after an extended wait? $16....witnessing the stupidity of one who should be old enough to know who the fucking Rolling Stones are? Priceless!

I went back and ate while the other guys got set up for their rhythm tracks (which they were to play along with me) and Tommy's scratch vocal...which again, took awhile, so I rested for a bit...then it was time to go forth and thrash.

We ran through the song a number of times, only stopping occasionally to make sure we were on the right track in terms of sounds and parts, and to make some adjustments with tempos, etc....after a couple of hours or so of this, I was about done, and someone else mentioned being hungry, so we all ordered these kickass italian subs and bs'd about this and that. Afterwhich, Daniel asked us to do one more take....I decided, since the mozzerella was so fresh on my sandwich, that I'd play some of it a little differently this time....which seemed to be to everyone else's liking. After that, I was through with my biggest responsibility, and could sit back and relax. Who needs sleep, anyway?

Dougie's bass playing was so spot-on from the rhythm takes, I don't think he did any overdubs at all....he's a genius, that boy, he really is.

So...onto guitars....Ritchie was first....he added some great parts on there, as well as, most likely, the best solo I've ever heard him was fucking awesome....nice one, Rich! Then Johnny sat down and added this fucking "spaghetti western" western part that really added depth and dimension to the sound...

This was really turning into something.

The guitarists had had enough at this point, and split....Dougie and I decided to stay and sit in on Tommy vocal takes....which went pretty much without a hitch. I like to be there after I finsih just to add encouragement and all that shit. Tommy batted it out of the park, and finished up his lead vocal lines and the harmonies he wanted to do rather quickly.

Then Daniel, Tommy, Dougie, and I went in to do the gang vocal parts in the choruses (which for me, is the most fun part of a session).....

....and that was it....the track is in the can....we should have it ready in a couple of weeks.....

...the track will go directly to Sirius/XM Radio, and we will be doing a Single Release Party @ Santo's Party House on Thursday, July 23rd....Eve to Adam and Midnight Fistfight and other special guests are on the bill, and it will be an awesome Rock N' Roll event, and there will be lots of surprises....stay tuned!

I, for one, can't wait!

Thanks for reading!

Marty E.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Rock N' Roll version of "Pay It Forward", or "Working My Way Back to..."????

If you know anything about me, you know that music, especially Rock N' Roll music, is my passion, joy, and pain. From a very lean age, great Rock N' Roll has inspired me to seek out what inspired it, as much as it has to create my own.

I discovered this a LONG time ago, when Guns N' Roses released Appetite For Destruction. For a young lad such as I was at the time, there wasn't ANYTHING that sounded quite like it (especially since I was used to....well, shit like Motley Crue and Kiss, etc, which are fine and good in their own right...but comparatively dim in my view). The music was raw, real, honest, deep, and made no apologies, whether it was about Sex, Drugs, Love, Paranoia, Struggling, Starving, or whathaveyou. But, in hindsite what I REALLY liked about Gn'R was that they name-checked their influences in a LOT of their interviews, and insodoing, they not only did a service to those bands that influenced them by exposing and paying tribute to them, but they were also doing just as much of a service to pint-sized, impressionable fans like myself.

The first band that Gn'R were responsible for turning me onto (besides, perhaps, Aerosmith) were Hanoi Rocks. And the influence was evident right away, not only visually (Axl Rose and Izzy Stadlin', in the early days, certainly resembled Michael Monroe and Andy McCoy), but musically as well. Guns, surely by no coincidence, lifted the title, "Welcome to the Jungle" from a lyric in the chorus if Hanoi Rocks's "Underwater World". That being said, Guns made sure that the first 4 Hanoi Rocks studio albums (and later their live All Those Wasted Years album) got released in the US via Geffen on their Uzi Suicide imprint. You have to admit, that's pretty fucking classy.

The Guns N' Roses/Hanoi Rocks connection didn't end there by any means. First of all, it was then via Hanoi Rocks that I got into the New York Dolls (and of course various spin-off/solo projects rose from their ashes)....for which not enough has been written and there's just too much to write...but case in point, I loved/related to the Dolls pretty quickly and the older I get, the more I love them and what their music represents...which is close to what Gn'R represented, but it was much more controversial to dress up and live that level of decadence in the 70's, which proved, in a nutshell, to be the Dolls' undoing....and the Dolls were and are a New York institution, and as far as Rock N' Roll goes, probably the best and most definitive, for my ears.

Furthermore, it was via Hanoi that I really started to appreciate Punk Rock....sure, I was into the Sex Pistols and the Clash to a minimal degree (at the time), but I didn't quite "get it" yet. Then I read an interview w/ Sami Yaffa in a Hanoi fanzine about how The Damned were his biggest influence, or something along those lines (I've since been able to thank Sami in person, hahahahaha). THIS I understood. They were fun, didn't take themselves too seriously (until much later), wrote great songs, and played them well. And via the Damned, I was able to appreciate what the other Punk Rock bands of that era (especially) had to offer. And that has certainly done a service to me and the music I've played.

Of paramount importance, though, is the fact that the GnR/Hanoi Rocks/Aerosmith/Dolls/English Punk lineage led me, once and for all, to the Rolling Stones....who, like AC/DC and the afrementioned Punk bands, I didn't understand fully until I had been drinking for a little while, hahahaha. I can't really say a goddamn thing about the importance of the Rolling fuckin' Stones that hasn't already been said 75 Billion times, was through those bands who took their style and spun it into their own who brought me to them......

Anyway, I could write a lot about all the directions this could go in, from Motown to Trip Hop to Death Metal (well...a little bit anyway), but who has the time?

My point is, that while listening to your idols is important, it's just as important to listen to your idols' idols...(and maybe a little Billy Idol, for that matter) then they become yours too. And furthermore, if you have an opportunity to tell people who are into what you to, you're doing a service not only to the bands in question, but to your listeners. My hope is that one day I find myself on a level at which I can make that matter to lots of people as much as my boyhood icons made it matter to me!

Thanks for reading!

Marty E.

You know that you're a full-fledged New Yorker when...(part 1) can explain, with some degree of sophistication, why a slice of pizza at one place is SO MUCH BETTER than slice of pizza at another place right across the street.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Has it been THAT long? difficult as it is for me to believe....I moved my hungry, hopeful, freaked-out, and fed-up self to New York City a whopping 9 years ago today.....

....what I marvel at the most is the fact that one year seems to be more awe-inspiring and crazier than the last. I've had the chance to work in various capacities with some of my heroes, made friends with people who will one day be your heroes, worked my ass off, and partied my face off afterward to celebrate it all. I've experienced joys and pleasures untold that I once didn't think I had the capacity for, and....occasionally, momentarily, felt like chucking it all....but I've always snapped out of that! Thank God...and Thank You! Ahahahahaha.....

As Steven Tyler says, "...see what happens next week!" He's absolutely right.

I have no delusions about the fact that I'm still struggling in a lot of ways. Being too comfortable, though, I guess, removes ones hunger....or at least that's what I've heard....I've rarely ever been terribly comfortable.....and I'm still extremely hungry. That's a damn good thing, because there's just so much more to do. I don't care how shitty the music industry or the economy is...I moved here to make my dreams come true, and have accomplished that in more ways than I ever really knew was, it's time to conquer the rest! That's a tall order....

Anyone who tells you that something can't be accomplished is speaking merely for himself, and that's fine. Anyone who says that nice guys finish last is completely full of shit, missing the point, and merely justifying his own failures and shortcomings (and chances are damn good he's not THAT nice many NICE people have you met who are bitter drama queens? That's what I thought). It depends on how hard the said nice guy is willing to work and how much he believes in himself. And people can read that on your face like a fucking traffic sure isn't rocket science. And sure, a little bit of talent, brains, style, tact, and personality don't hurt either, but hard work and self-confidence sire the rest of these things. Put them all together, and with any LUCK, you move up the ladder, get EXPERIENCE and learn....then....the cycle begins again. As Skynyrd once said, it "Ain't No Good Life" -but if you accept and embrace that fact.....perhaps you can make it so.

I know I'm going to! How about you?

That's what I thought....

For my part, I have recording, gigs on the East and West Coasts, a movie screening, and God knows what else to look forward to for the rest of the year.....thanks to everyone who made it all possible....

Your Good Friend,

Marty E.


We enter the recording studio later this month with Producer Daniel Rey (Ramones, Misfits, Richard Hell) to record our anthem "New York City Is A Drug". SIRIUS/XM will be supporting the single as well as hosting the release party! More info on that soon!! In the meantime, here is a video of "New York City Is A Drug" from our performance at our sold out Bowery Ballroom show in April!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

There's something strange about music these days or It's been a short time since I Rock N' Roll

I'll preface this entry by granting you that my tastes in music, and perhaps that of people whose paths I cross in New York City, are probably not necessarily typical of the rest of the country, or the world for that matter.

That being said, I dj around town here and there, at least once a week....and not always for the same "types" of people, but, for the most part, for typically younger bar crowds of varying #'s (not clubs - which for some reason seem to exclusively play hip hop and dance music) . But, as always, people will often request songs, which I usually don't mind, as long as people aren't too damn obnoxious about it.

One of the reasons why I like to hear out people's requests is that I'm curious as to what they want to hear....and if you HAVE what they want to hear, you might make a new friend. There's no shame in either of those things, is there? Now, the results I get range from the downright insulting ("NO, I won't play any Good fucking Charlotte, ok? But feel free to try again!") to....the extremely cool ("Sure, I think I might have a Kyuss song for you!").

But more often than not, no matter how old the requester is, and they're often very young (i.e., early- to mid-twenties), they want to hear what is what most consider to be "old school" Rock N' Roll. It boggles my mind how....whether it be a girl who's 21-years-old if she's a day, requesting A-HA's "Take On Me" (ok, that might not be very "Rock N' Roll" but you get my point) or an entire room full of them singing on the top of their lungs with their hands in the air to Bon Jovi's "Livin' On a Prayer"....or whatever. Granted, these were HUGE commercial hits in their time, but most of these people weren't even born yet when these songs were initially popular.

But what really boggles my mind, is that I get WAY more requests for Guns N' Roses and Led Zeppelin, etc, than I ever do for fucking Nickleback or Fall Out Boy, et al. Doesn't that strike you as being a bit strange.

I mean, when I was younger, I was into what was happening at the time and what had become old school. In my experiences, which, again, are limited to New York City in this case, the old school seems to be the rule. I mean, sure, you go out and hear She Wants Revenge and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Kings of Leon, but.....those bands (like my own) are far more reminiscent of....again, old school Rock N' Roll....which, the more time passes, covers a lot more ground and a lot more subgrenres. I think it's awfully interesting.

Is music (or, more accurately, the "music business") killing itself, and rendering itself obsolete? Are people's tastes actually just as good as they always were, and like many of us, do people just look for what they want out of music from the figurative history books? Is it true that there just isn't a standard of quality with music anymore, which causes people to turn a deaf ear to what's going on currently?

Who the hell knows?

What's great about it is this: no matter what's going on in music today, there's always going to be that singer or band that you never heard...whose song is going to cross paths with your ears, and make you say, "Holy SHIT, what the hell IS that? Well, FIND OUT!!!" Ahahahahaha. I mean, case in point, last Summer, I was in a minivan being hauled to the movie set, when I heard something BRILLIANT emitting from the speakers.....and I heard this GREAT guitar lead and I said, "Hey...will you please turn this up?" Then, after about 10 more seconds, I said, "WOW!!!! This is AWESOME!!!! What IS THIS?" Well, it was UFO's "Doctor Doctor" on some satellite radio station. I've loved the band ever since! Like Mick Jones from the Clash once said, "If doesn't matter when you get it, as long as you get it."

My point is that there's always going to be great music out there.....just keep listening for it. And if you find something awesome, let me know!

Take care,

Marty E.

PS-And I hope that somebody somewhere out there gets one of those moments I just described when they hear the Dirty Pearls, ahahahahahaha.....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

From just over a year ago: A few words about my definition being real, or I can't believe you would say such a thing!!!

I made this entry on my Myspace blog about a year ago....I thought it was one of my better entries, and just as relevant today as it was then, if not on.....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I am out all the time....and when I'm out, I do a lot of talking. And, believe it or not, I do a hell of a lot of listening too. Conversation is life's most immediately accessible art-form, I think.

But, something comes up often-often enough to make me ponder and write about it.

I get comments, especially from women that I know, that they prefer me when I'm being "real".

But I don't know what they mean.

I think what they mean is that they like it better when I'm not talking about my band, my music, kicking ass, getting successful, getting fucked up, and generally doing the things that I do.

But seriously, those things are so incredibly real to me....and maybe they don't understand, that's the way I live. Rock N' Roll is my life, and everything I do is for that, ultimately. Sure, when I'm 3 beers into the evening, and I talk about growing up as a geek or how cool I think my nieces/nephews are, or how my brothers' wives had a big hand in making me who I am, it might be more appealing than how many clubs I've sold out in New York City or how great a time I'm going to have in LA next month. But, that doesn't make those things any more or less real.

It's all real....across the board. I don't feel that anything I say or do, ever, is insincere, dishonest, or disingenuous in any way, shape, or a fault at times. Just because I'm not kissing someone's ass or disagree with someone doesn't mean I'm not being real. On the contrary, it means that I fucking AM being real....perhaps much more so than the person at the other end. Every time I sing a song, pound the drums, shake a good friend's hand, or kiss a beautiful girl, you can bet your sweet ass that it's 100% for real.

Case in point, there was an occasion recently in which I thought someone really overstepped some bounds with me, and was extremely presumptuous. I became a little bit upset, which happens pretty rarely. I usually take the high road (insert joke here, ahahahaha....) when it comes to trivial conflicts such as this, but there are certain things that I think a person shouldn't have to tolerate, no matter how easy going he/she might be....and I'm pretty fucking easy going! But this person, again, said something about liking me better when I'm "real", as opposed to having my guard up and calling shit the way I saw it. Fuck that - I WAS being real. It's just that this person REALly pissed me off. But that's over now.

I remember when I was in one of my old bands...I'm sure you know which one....someone came up to the bass player and I and said she liked the band but wishes we sang about "real" things. We replied that we played songs about Sex, Drugs, & Rock N' Roll....and since we do those things, there isn't anything unreal about it. I don't think she understood. But have you listened to the Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers album? Well, "Sister Morphine", "Brown Sugar", and Sway" are all on are "I've Got The Blue" and "Wild Horses"....and it doesn't get any more real than the Stones (well...up until 1983, ahahahaha....). My point is that those songs aren't all about the same subjects...and they don't sound the same. But what ties them all together, besides the fact that they are absolutely brilliant, is that, to my ears, they are 100% the real fucking thing.

My point is, best exemplified by the following juxtaposition for you to chew on....I think that Poison songs like "Talk Dirty To Me" and "I Want Action" are probably far more real than any of the pseudo-Christian "rock" candy-ass muzak spewed forth by the likes of Nickleback and Creed, ok?

I'm hope this has cleared any doubt on the subject.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What an insane Saturday night....even what I missed was awesome....

I'm gonna start by saying thank you to everyone who made the second headlining Dirty Pearls show at the Bowery a SOLD OUT success. That means, thanks to each and every member of that beautiful crowd...I mean, Don Henley once sang, "I thought I knew what love was...what did I know?" Ahahahahaha.....

.....and THANKS to everyone who helped us promote the show, via interviewing us, by telling your friends about us, reposting our self- promo posts, or what-have-you. Every little bit helps, and means a whole hell of a lot to us.

I think above all, I have to thank our crew that night....of course there's Dave, our manager....and Jeff, Nate, Tommy, Joey, Mystie, Lauren, Jamie, and of course, the "Pearlettes", Jennifer and Alex.....the impact of that show wouldn't have been as massive had it not been for your help, nor would it have gone nearly as smoothly.....I hope I didn't miss anyone....hahahahaha....

It was really glorious up there for me, and for the rest of the band too.....I will admit, I was a little nervous beforehand, which is rare for me. As soon as I stepped on that stage, those nerves just melted away....I think it was the sound of the audience beginning to scream that cut through my nerves like a hot knife through frozen butter....THANKS again.

I think it might have been the best show I ever played, all in all.

We're just waiting for the results to come in from this show, and it might take a week or two....the last time, we got opening gigs with Twisted Sister, the New York Dolls, then Bret I'm excited to see what might happen this time. I'll keep you posted.

On another note, The Perfect Age of Rock N' Roll (the movie in which I am part of the principal cast) world premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival, also this past Saturday night....I hear from my boy Jasin that it was standing room only, for a capacity crowd of 300 people, who evidently loved it....I hear that people were fighting over the last few admissions....these are all very good signs, and inspire confidence that there might be a nation and/or worldwide release coming soon. Anyway, thanks to everyone I worked with on the film...I love you all...and to anyone who might have caught the premiere....I hope I looked ok, ahahahahaha....

Above all, I just want to thank all of my friends & family for supporting me, thick and thin, drunk and sober.....insane and more mean the world to's all going to happen, and I'm taking you all with me.....

Marty E.

A very in-depth interview w/ Crusher Magazine...

Thanks Christine, for the great questions and great times!

Review of The Dirty Pearls at the Bowery Ballroom

Thanks, Guys!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The best way to not get jaded, bitter, and old is to learn how to get over it and move on....

I meet a lot of people in my travels. I cross many paths. A lot of water has passed underneath the bridge that my life is, and plenty of shit goes down. I know I'm not unique in that, especially in this town. Everyone I know is probably living some kind of perpetual mini series.

I'm more into comedy than drama....I don't mind WATCHING drama, but I'd rather live a comedy...which is not to say that I want life to be a joke or that I don't take it seriously....quite the contrary.

Nobody's perfect, but time and again, I see people who do nothing but complain, complain, complain.....and bellyache about this and that which happened in the past. They hold grudges, dwell on ancient history, and consequently hold bitterness in their hearts. And what good does THAT do? It ages a person, and makes them unattractive to others. People can see your true colors pretty quickly, I think....just ask them.

I learned very early in life that when life throws shit at you like some rhesus fucking monkey, or knocks you down like steamroller, the best thing to do is wipe yourself off, feel the pain for a *little* while, then face forward and do your best to learn a lesson, move the fuck on, and GET THE FUCK OVER IT. How did I learn this? Let's just say I lost a lot of significant family members before age 12, ok? But the rest of my family and I didn't waste our lives sitting around and moping and crying about it. We turned chicken shit into chicken salad and made the best of it! It's not being callous or cold (two things that I am definitely not), it's simply facing reality but not letting it kill who you are.

We all have our stories about why our lives are fucked up in one way or another....nobody wants to hear you complain. People want to be inspired and forget about the shitfalls of their own, even if for a few moments. To me, that's what Rock N' Roll is about in a lot of ways, and is one of the more poignant reasons why I do and believe in what I do.

And so far it's going pretty well, because I couldn't be bothered with any reasons why it WOULDN'T! I mean, the whole world is stacked against most everybody.....that's a given. Why dwell on the fucking negative? Forget about that shit....and I refuse to travel in negative company....can you dig it? Too many people justify their own failures and problems with all these reasons why they can't do something, how it's all someone fucking else's fault, and pretty much just bitch, bitch bitch their lives away. They take no responsibility for anything, even their own actions.

Not me!

That all being said, we all have problems and disagreements. That's just life. But coming to a resolution is awfully important. Some people are actually taken aback by how forgiving I can be.....and how quickly I'll apologize when it's proper for me to do so. I'm not saying I'm righteous or that I'm even close to always being right. What I am saying is that if there are problems, and there often are, the best thing to do is to atone in whatever way you can and move the fuck on. The longer you let shit fester, the more lines will appear on your face. People, at least the sharp ones, can smell bitterness from miles away, and most of them don't like it. You don't have to be friends with EVERYBODY....but not eveybody is ENEMIES with everyone you don't like, you know? And gratuitous shit-talking is only going to reflect badly on you. Again, I see it happening again and again.

You'd be amazed at how good it feels, if you have a chance, to let the shit that ails you go. It's like concrete blocks have been lifted off your shoulders and replaced by wings. Chances are that the shit that's keeping you down is doing so because you enable it to. That makes you your own worst enemy....and who has time for that shit? Life is, indeed, too fucking short - and remember, it's YOUR life! Take heed and take care.....and while everyone else is bellyaching, shit-talking, and pussyfooting around, you'll be laughing, kicking ass, and having fun. I know which sounds better to me! How about you?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Exclusive Interview with Marty E From the Dirty Pearls Part 2

Repost from my Myspace blog from this past November: I just saw the movie I’m in...or, what the hell am I doing up there?

I was going through my Myspace blog to see what might be worth reposting, this will be my first installment of reposts that are still relevant today....

Friday, November 14, 2008

So, after the debacle in Hollywood, I flew be greeted by a low-key screening of the movie I "acted" in this past's called The Perfect Age of Rock N' Roll, and stars Kevin Zegers, Jason Ritter, Taryn Manning, Peter Fonda, Lucas Haas, Jason Cadic....and ME!

Here's a little background info:

I'll tell you something: it's quite a trip to see yourself up on the big screen, when you've never been in that position before. It's almost as if you feel like you're someone else....which I suppose, if you're acting, you ARE. But I'm not used to it....

...that being said, it really is fucking cool, for me at least. I say this mostly because I think this movie is's true to life, and very, very Rock N' Roll....hell, I'm playing a rambunctious drummer in much more true to life can you get than that?

One thing I thought about though, last night, while I was slamming light beer and watching this thing, was where I was and what I was thinking when the individual scenes were filmed. It conjured up many ghosts what had happened to me that day (and a lot of whacked out shit happened over the Summer), whom I woke up next to (don't even ask, Smartass), new friends I'd made, what kinds of crazy hijinks some of us were up to on the set, the crazy parties we had in hotel parking lots, etc. It was a strange sort of visual emotional roller coaster, as if it was going on inside my mind, except it was up there on the screen!!! I can tell you that I spent most of the film laughing my ass off.....because, not only is a lot of it funny, but I really had fun being a part of it.....I really had no responsibilities to speak of, save for showing the fuck up, and being myself...which basically gave me a license to Rock out, and have fun!

Yeah, that's tough shit, isn't it?

Today, we put some finishing touches on it....I did my voiceovers and all that shit, because there were some sound issues....but it looks like it'll be completely finished before Christmas. It has been submitted in some form to the Sundance Film Festival, and....if it gets in, that's where it will debut....and I'll do my damnedest to be there for it!

Anyway, being part of this film and the entire process was very special to me, just like making music with my band....let's just call it a very close second, or the next best thing. But, as with anything you do that's creative and expressive, the best part is often taking a look at what you've done when it starts coming to fruition....that's got to be the most rewarding thing I can think of really....especially when you're close to the other people who are's like getting hot and bothered with that sweet angel girl you didn't even know existed a week ago and now you're staring at her ceiling with a cigarette in your mouth wondering how the fuck you got there, ahahahahahaha. (wait a second...what did I say the next best thing was again? Ah, never mind)'s a fucking beautiful thing...and a feeling that's too rare...and irreplaceable!

Anyway, I can't wait for you all to see this's something I think everyone involved is really proud of, and I think everyone will dig it.

Take care,

Marty E.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is everybody going batshit crazy, or what?

What a day. I think maybe this entry will wind up being the most faithful to this blog's title, hahahahaha....

Between having a strange, wonderful, and unexpectedly great couple couple of nights...that seemed to me to be written in the stars....and on the other side, all of the varieties pitfalls that (more than 5 of) my friends have been having in their interaction with the world....and certain people giving me less than merciful character assassinations - one after another - while I try to help sort everything out for everyone....this has been a strange fucking day.

Is it the Spring-denying NYC Weather? Are certain people not getting laid? Is there some kind of poison infiltrating the air? I can't figure it out.

What I can tell you is that, while I am by NO MEANS anyone's boyscout, I CAN say that I make every effort to be, generally, an honest, sensitive, and thoughtful dude. Do I fuck up? Sure! Does my behavior at times deserve to be filed under "Questionable"? Absolutely, I'm sure. But hurting anyone is, and never will be, on my agenda. I'm all about inspiration, fun, and getting the most out of life.

Now, that all being said, sometimes I think that people paint an image of you as a person, that isn't altogether accurate. Consequently, when they are disappointed that you don't live up to that image, or their definition of who you are, especially in relation to them, they get hostile. It's something I don't particularly understand, but when you haven't lied to such people, or misled them into believing that you are a certain way (if anything, you've told them the OPPOSITE) then the only people they are fooling are themselves. Consequently, they are, in effect, using you as a vehicle to hurt/sabotage themselves as well. And all you're doing is waking up and wondering what the fuck this person is so angry at you about.

I mean, just because I can't be what someone expects me to be all the time, for whatever reason, doesn't mean I don't care about that person. And I don't think I pressure anyone, ever, to be something they are not. So, why would anyone else want to do that to me? It's as silly as it is selfish. And what's funny is, when someone is acting up on you in a situation like this, they often use favors that you've done for them as ammo to use against you. It's like that old adage, "No good deed goes unpunished." Well....again, you're welcome.

The best part? The reason people have for ripping you a new one these situations is often the result of hearsay, rumor, shit talking, and the like. And jumping down someone's throat, assuming the worst about them, and believing every single word said out in "drunkland" is wrong....and most people know that....or at least most of my friends (which is a pretty fucking big list, I think, and I love each and every one of you) know that, which is WHY they're my friends.

And if you expect someone to treat you with enough respect not to jump to conclusions (which, as humans, we all do from time to time), maybe you should do the same for them, right? It's not an unreasonable assumption. (There's also the issue of, whose BUSINESS is it WHAT you do?).

If someone automatically assumes the worst about you whenever there's some kind of a discrepancy, then perhaps that person was never your friend in the first place.

Which brings me to a final set of thoughts....perhaps it's shit like this that's sort of life's way of "weeding out the weaklings" from your life. And if it happens that way, you can rest assured that the choices you made were the best ones for you, don't you think?

You're probably wondering what the fuck I'm talking about....but I'm not telling....

Tomorrow is another day....let's make it a brighter, warmer one, ok?

Take care,

Marty E.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Perfect Age of Rock N' Roll to premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival, April 25

This is the movie that I acted in last Summer....having its premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival.....

.....they would have it the same night I play the Bowery Ballroom on the opposite coast...but what the hell can you do?

Don't be fooled by the fact that I'm not listed with the cast....I'm a principal cast member and get a lost of face time....and you can hear plenty of my rasp in it as well....I guess I'm just not famous enough from a marketing standpoint.....hopefully, enough people will see this fucker to change

Anyway, if you're in the LA/Orange County area that night, please go and check it out!


The Lonesome Fools finally record/post some songs

The Lonesome Fools consists of my great friend Brian Burke and's a side project of ours. I usually describe it as Simon and Garfunkel on crack, which I guess is as accurate a description of it as any, but maybe you should just listen to it, and decide for yourself, right?

We wrote these songs mostly about a year and a half ago, when we were both freshly broken from long term relationships, were out getting bombed a LOT, and had no shortage of ideas or inspiration.

These songs are the result of quite a few late nights, and document some of the new girls that crossed our paths along the way.....well, except perhaps for one of the songs, "Times Don't Change", which I think was more of a testimonial to trying to move on from the past, which isn't always easy. I guess even when you've made the decision to leave someone that you've been close to for a long time.....even when it's the right decision, it doesn't necessarily make you happy. Luckily, for most of us, there is a healing process. For us, I think, part of that was writing this song.

"Janie Jones" wasn't about anyone in particular, but more of an expression of our love of cool, beautiful Rock N' Roll chicks in general. God bless each and every one of know who you are! You make me get out of bed every day....except for the days when you keep me there, ahahahahaha....

"Tonight", I think we wrote one night in which, coincidentally, we both got dissed by whatever girls we might have been hanging out with....which is kind of cool, really, because we got a good song out of it,'s sort of our even more arrogant version of the Rolling Stones song, "If You Can't Rock Me (Somebody Will)".....

"Stay With Me" is a song about....sort of having a thing with someone, and feeling close to that person, but the insanity of your life brings about a lot of uncertainty. When you are the type of person that doesn't want someone he cares about to bank on promises that he can't keep, he just won't make any promises at all. That being said, it doesn't mean that the great times and shared endearments are empty or insincere....far from it. But they just are what they are.....depending on what that is. I guess it's about living in the moment.

Those are my takes on the songs, for anyone who cares. Brian might have a different take on them (we wrote all the songs together), and so might you. Who the fuck am I to say? I do know that I am very proud of these songs, and I hope you like them. We may be playing shows occasionally around NYC....I'll keep you posted.

Listen to the songs here, and add us:

FUCK THE RECESSION! The Dirty Pearls to headline the Bowery Ballroom, Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm very proud to be headlining the Bowery Ballroom again with the Pearls. When I moved here, 9 fucking years ago, THAT was THE place I wanted to headline....sure, everybody wants to headline Madison Square Garden, but let's not underestimate the the fucking greatness of playing a great Rock N' Roll venue that isn't so....massive.....

We did our first headliner there last October, and we sold the fucker out. It was a great show, and a real high point. This one will be even better. We are going to put on a show like you've never really seen. You're going to think you're at an arena show, but you'll have the best seats in the house!

Furthermore, we have special guests, drink specials, and some giveaway hocus pocus going get your tickets, come down, and have a great fucking time....I know I will!

The Dirty Pearls/Statues Of Liberty/Neil Nathan/Chainsaw Trio
TIX: $15ADV/$18DOS

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

April 25, 2009 will be a big fucking day for me....or who's scheduling these things?

Hey....if you know me at all, you know my band, The Dirty Pearls are playing the Bowery Ballroom on Saturday, April 25....and you should get TICKETS soon, because they're already going pretty fucking fast, ok? We're going to be pulling all the stops out for this will be as if we are turning the place into an arena....(and when we start playing arenas, we'll make them feel like clubs....get it?)....

Also, in a case of sheer coincidence, the film I act in, The Perfect Age of Rock N' Roll, is premiering that night at the Newport Beach Film Festival. So, if you're on the LA/Orange County area that night, I'd love for you to go and see it....

Now....I've had a chance to discuss this with a lot of people....some of them have been inclined to ask me if I'm sad that I'll be missing my film premiere.....I have two great answers for that....

#1-It will be the first time in my life where it will be as if I'm in two places at once.

#2-I've been praying for "problems" like this for my whole life.

Besides, I'm sure there will be some kind of a premiere here in New York, and maybe one in Hollywood if we're lucky....and I know the powers that be are working on there you go....

Anyway, I thought I'd share the good news...and ask that if you're in either the NYC area or the Orange County area, please come and support....we'll both be glad you did!

Thanks, and take care....

Marty E.