Friday, April 10, 2009

Repost from my Myspace blog from this past November: I just saw the movie I’m in...or, what the hell am I doing up there?

I was going through my Myspace blog to see what might be worth reposting, this will be my first installment of reposts that are still relevant today....

Friday, November 14, 2008

So, after the debacle in Hollywood, I flew be greeted by a low-key screening of the movie I "acted" in this past's called The Perfect Age of Rock N' Roll, and stars Kevin Zegers, Jason Ritter, Taryn Manning, Peter Fonda, Lucas Haas, Jason Cadic....and ME!

Here's a little background info:

I'll tell you something: it's quite a trip to see yourself up on the big screen, when you've never been in that position before. It's almost as if you feel like you're someone else....which I suppose, if you're acting, you ARE. But I'm not used to it....

...that being said, it really is fucking cool, for me at least. I say this mostly because I think this movie is's true to life, and very, very Rock N' Roll....hell, I'm playing a rambunctious drummer in much more true to life can you get than that?

One thing I thought about though, last night, while I was slamming light beer and watching this thing, was where I was and what I was thinking when the individual scenes were filmed. It conjured up many ghosts what had happened to me that day (and a lot of whacked out shit happened over the Summer), whom I woke up next to (don't even ask, Smartass), new friends I'd made, what kinds of crazy hijinks some of us were up to on the set, the crazy parties we had in hotel parking lots, etc. It was a strange sort of visual emotional roller coaster, as if it was going on inside my mind, except it was up there on the screen!!! I can tell you that I spent most of the film laughing my ass off.....because, not only is a lot of it funny, but I really had fun being a part of it.....I really had no responsibilities to speak of, save for showing the fuck up, and being myself...which basically gave me a license to Rock out, and have fun!

Yeah, that's tough shit, isn't it?

Today, we put some finishing touches on it....I did my voiceovers and all that shit, because there were some sound issues....but it looks like it'll be completely finished before Christmas. It has been submitted in some form to the Sundance Film Festival, and....if it gets in, that's where it will debut....and I'll do my damnedest to be there for it!

Anyway, being part of this film and the entire process was very special to me, just like making music with my band....let's just call it a very close second, or the next best thing. But, as with anything you do that's creative and expressive, the best part is often taking a look at what you've done when it starts coming to fruition....that's got to be the most rewarding thing I can think of really....especially when you're close to the other people who are's like getting hot and bothered with that sweet angel girl you didn't even know existed a week ago and now you're staring at her ceiling with a cigarette in your mouth wondering how the fuck you got there, ahahahahahaha. (wait a second...what did I say the next best thing was again? Ah, never mind)'s a fucking beautiful thing...and a feeling that's too rare...and irreplaceable!

Anyway, I can't wait for you all to see this's something I think everyone involved is really proud of, and I think everyone will dig it.

Take care,

Marty E.

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