Monday, March 30, 2009

The Lonesome Fools finally record/post some songs

The Lonesome Fools consists of my great friend Brian Burke and's a side project of ours. I usually describe it as Simon and Garfunkel on crack, which I guess is as accurate a description of it as any, but maybe you should just listen to it, and decide for yourself, right?

We wrote these songs mostly about a year and a half ago, when we were both freshly broken from long term relationships, were out getting bombed a LOT, and had no shortage of ideas or inspiration.

These songs are the result of quite a few late nights, and document some of the new girls that crossed our paths along the way.....well, except perhaps for one of the songs, "Times Don't Change", which I think was more of a testimonial to trying to move on from the past, which isn't always easy. I guess even when you've made the decision to leave someone that you've been close to for a long time.....even when it's the right decision, it doesn't necessarily make you happy. Luckily, for most of us, there is a healing process. For us, I think, part of that was writing this song.

"Janie Jones" wasn't about anyone in particular, but more of an expression of our love of cool, beautiful Rock N' Roll chicks in general. God bless each and every one of know who you are! You make me get out of bed every day....except for the days when you keep me there, ahahahahaha....

"Tonight", I think we wrote one night in which, coincidentally, we both got dissed by whatever girls we might have been hanging out with....which is kind of cool, really, because we got a good song out of it,'s sort of our even more arrogant version of the Rolling Stones song, "If You Can't Rock Me (Somebody Will)".....

"Stay With Me" is a song about....sort of having a thing with someone, and feeling close to that person, but the insanity of your life brings about a lot of uncertainty. When you are the type of person that doesn't want someone he cares about to bank on promises that he can't keep, he just won't make any promises at all. That being said, it doesn't mean that the great times and shared endearments are empty or insincere....far from it. But they just are what they are.....depending on what that is. I guess it's about living in the moment.

Those are my takes on the songs, for anyone who cares. Brian might have a different take on them (we wrote all the songs together), and so might you. Who the fuck am I to say? I do know that I am very proud of these songs, and I hope you like them. We may be playing shows occasionally around NYC....I'll keep you posted.

Listen to the songs here, and add us:

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