Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not that it was a big fookin' deal, but.....

Last night, I was waiting for the train to head homeward after work, right? I stayed as late as I could, because I didn't want to go out (I needed rest...badly...but that's another book of stories, hahahaha)....so I was sitting on the bench on the Subway Platform, inspecting my vinyl copy of Hanoi Rocks-All Those Wasted Years (which seems like it's been rained on a couple of dozen times, but what do you expect for 5 bucks?) when glanced at the floor in front of me, and saw what appeared to be a Blackberry Pearls (maybe my band should ask for an endorsement, right?) that someone had evidently dropped.

I picked it up, and put it in my pocket, and figured that it's someone's lucky day, because...I'm going to make sure this poor, clumsy bastard gets his phone back....because that's what I'd want someone to do for me....(Also, the Pearl is kind of worthless to me anyway, ahahahaha, as I use a Curve, but that's beside the point.....)

So, I emailed him on the address listed on his phone, and we made an arrangement to meet near...the scene of his clumsiness....now, this is when this sort of thing becomes a pain in the ass, right? I showed up on the street corner named whatever....and I waited....and waited...and it's kind of cold, and my time is valuable to me....(even if it is mostly sentimental value, hahahahaha)......and after about 15 minutes, my sentiment became, "Snap, Crackle, Fuck This" and I went into work.....and emailed him telling him, "Look, I was there, you weren't....let me know when you want to meet."

About an hour later, phone and....dumbass were reunited.....

The moral of the story? There are two....

#1-We all find shit of vari0us degrees of value.....and sometimes we keep this shit....that's fine, but if it's a phone, you should make every effort to give it back, I think. I'd be devistated if I lost my phone (although Mobile Back-up would lessen the blow, so to speak).....it isn't about being charitable or nice....it's just about doing what's right, which is what we're supposed to do, you know?

But almost as importantly....

#2-If someone is reaching out to you in an effort to help you out, don't make them bend over so far backwards that they are on the verge of breaking their back,....or even freezing their ass off, or even wasting their time....can you dig it? If you're agreeing to meet someone to return something you lost...and they don't expect anything in return but perhaps your gratitude, maybe SHOWING UP is a good idea, don't you think?

Again, it wasn't a big deal, but the audacity of some people just makes me laugh sometimes.....

....but what the hell can you do? Ahahahahaha.....

Marty E.


  1. Ahh so that's what you meant today with the helping people thing.
    Yea, trust me, I had a battle and a half to try and reunite someone with their phone too.
    People often just don't appreciate or care about the good thing someone else is trying to do for them.
    But don't worry Marty, I am proud of you,that has to count for something =D


  2. We, the fellas of BnR, found a cell phone on the ground after a concert in Philly. We called the last number the phone had dialed and tried to catch the person at the show to hand it back.

    We finally get a call back on the phone and the person thinks we are joking. We said, and I quote, "Well you called your cell phone and you are not on it. We are tired of this so you will find your cell phone duct taped to the crotch of the Rocky Statue."

    That is what we did with the phone. Whether the guy got it or not, I can't say. But we did our job.